FBI-Hintertüren in OpenBSD

Ups: Es ist eine Mail aufgetaucht, in der Hintertüren vom FBI im OpenBSD Crypto Framework (OCF) von Softwareentwickler Gregory Perry zugegeben werden (NDA heißt Non-Disclosure Agreement, zu deutsch also Verschwiegenheitsvereinbarung):

My NDA with the FBI has recently expired, and I wanted to make you aware of the fact that the FBI implemented a number of backdoors and side channel key leaking mechanisms into the OCF, for the express purpose of monitoring the site to site VPN encryption system implemented by EOUSA, the parent organization to the FBI.

Jason Wright and several other developers were responsible for those
backdoors, and you would be well advised to review any and all code commits by Wright as well as the other developers he worked with originating from NETSEC.

Golem berichtet auch.